The 2020 Graal Workshop

Science, Art, Voodoo: Using and Developing The Graal Compiler

Science, Art, Voodoo: Using and Developing The Graal Compiler

What: second Graal workshop at CGO

When: Feb. 22nd, 2020

Where: San Diego, CA, USA

Researchers and practitioners are invited to participate in the second Graal compiler workshop to be held at CGO 2020. The workshop is co-located with CC, HPCA, and PPoPP in San Diego, CA.

Topics of interest (not limited to):


9:00 AM - Welcome

9:15 AM - Keynote:  Tom Rodriguez (Oracle Labs)
          Title:    Graal as a native JIT in GraalVM
          Abstract: This talk will discuss the design and implementation of libgraal, the
                    Graal and Truffle JIT compiled into a static library using Native Image
                    that is used as the default JIT in GraalVM. It will describe the
                    challenges of interfacing libgraal with HotSpot, the way native
                    compilation mode differs from the pure Java compilation mode and the
                    various ways Substrate technologies are used within the library itself.
          Bio:      Tom Rodriguez started worked on the JDK around 1.1 and worked on HotSpot
                    starting in 1.4, primarily on the client and server compilers.  For the
                    last six years he's been a member of the Graal compiler team and was the
                    primary implementor of libgraal.

10:15 AM - How to statically compile a serverless application to survive the biggest bursty e-commerce data traffic 
           in the world - Ziyi Lin, Yifei Zhang, Wei Kuai and Sanhong Li (Alibaba Group Inc.)

10:45 AM - Break

11:00 AM - JRuby on Graal: Performance and AOT explorations - Charles Nutter (Red Hat Inc.)

11:30 PM - GraalVM as a static analysis framework - Christian Wimmer (Oracle Labs)

12:00 PM - Lunch

1:30 PM - Experimenting with Neuroevolution for Graal Inlining Heuristics - Makarand Parigi (U. of Michigan)

2:00 PM - Visualizing Graal - Chris Seaton (Shopify)

2:30 PM - Break

2:45 PM - Autovectorization in Graal - David Degazio (U. of Michigan), Nik Vangerow (Imperial College London)

3:15 PM - Getting Pants Performance for Free via Parallelism using Graal native-image - Daniel McClanahan (Twitter Inc.)

3:45 PM - Break

4:00 PM - Panel Session
          Topic: The GraalVM Compiler: looking ahead with 2020 vision, where does the community want it to be 
                 in a year?
          Moderator: Chris Thalinger (@christhalinger)
          Panelists: Christian Wimmer (Oracle Labs), Chris Seaton (Shopify), Charles Nutter (Red Hat), Kingsum Chow (Alibaba), Tom Rodriguez (Oracle Labs)

5:00 PM - Close

Dinner with workshop participants 


Uma Srinivasan (Twitter: @umatweep), Chris Thalinger (Twitter: @christhalinger), Flavio Brasil (Twitter: @flaviowbrasil)

Program Committee

Chris Seaton (Shopify), Christian Wimmer (Oracle Labs), Tianxiao Gu (Alibaba), Sandhya Viswanathan (Intel), Charles Nutter (Red Hat)

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